The impact of COVID-19 on businesses

The impact of COVID-19 on businesses

How SMEs can provide sustainable solutions

Self-employed workers, micro-enterprises, and small- and medium-sized enterprises create jobs and improve livelihoods in Zimbabwe.

But, starting and growing a profitable business is still a major challenge in an economy hit by volatile commodity prices, rising inflation, and climate change.

COVID-19 has only made survival harder for Zimbabwean SMEs. The smallest enterprises are usually run by women and operate in the informal economy, and therefore lack proper social protection. 

Paradoxically, entrepreneurs could be contributing their ideas and talent to sustainable solutions. When their businesses continue and thrive, they make the economy more resilient.

The ILO has gathered and developed online resources designed to help SMEs weather the worst effects of the global pandemic. Access the free online resources below. This list will be updated continuously.

Global resources

  • ILO portal. This portal contains all the ILO’s resources for SMEs during COVID-19.
  • Explainer video. This video explains how enterprises may survive COVID-19 by developing a six-step business continuity plan.
  • Online training course. This self-guided learning journey provides an overview of key policies meant to increase the resilience of SMEs, as well as how SMEs can protect themselves from the negative effects of COVID-19.
  • Knowledge sharing platform. This page provides access to business continuity tools and best practices during COVID-19.

Zimbabwe resources

A green recovery starts with SMEs

We want to hear from you: What is your business doing to address the current crisis? How can SMEs contribute to a greener, healthier, and more sustainable recovery? Share your stories on this Facebook thread.

July 27, 2020