– Poetry –

“It is the magic of art – the invincible power of imagination and creativity, that can ferry us through countless decades of attaining prosperity for all workers,
below the environmental ceiling and above the social foundation”.

Annah Hodhera
Location: Shamva
Artwork statement: None


  • What was your experience with art as a child and growing up?

I ventured in poetry in grade five, starting off by reciting poems prepared by my teachers during school-related and local events.

  • How did it evolve over time?

At the age of 12, I started writing my own short poems. Over the years, my poetry evolved and I was exceedingly fascinated by the spontaneous improvements that magnified my influence and maximize my opportunities for self-discovery.  

  • Who or what influences your art? How would you like your art to influence others?

In my art, I address societal ills and cultural dynamics, especially for vulnerable individuals (women, children, the disabled, and refugees). My poetry is directly or indirectly about child abuse in all its dimensions, gender-based violence against women, climate change, wars, and all forms of discrimination. My overarching goal as a poet is to disseminate a message of love, peace, unity, equality, and justice.

The exodus

So comes snow after fire,
And even dragons have their endings too
Battered by the gruesome phenomenon,
In the world of work humanity wails
The untold trepidation of spiraling inequality,
Shaking the core of the social foundation
Inadequate living wage and long working hours acceded to ,
Yet a grotesque whip in the face of the diligent workmen
Seared in the holocausts of environmental hazards ,
We continue to suffer the extortionate horrors;
Global warming , droughts , heat waves , flooding –
A few mentioned for the matter
Crippled and staggered by the unassailable whirlwinds
The whirlwinds of ecological scarcities –we are obligingly called to act
The call to take inclusive and decisive action ,
Loud and clamorous we hear it

No one can whistle a symphony ,
Rather it takes a whole orchestra to play it
Coming from different ships ,for the cause of greening our economies
We board on the same boat
Our goal of poverty eradication and decent jobs creation ,
We can’t march in solitude towards its attainment
Our overarching dream of sustainable development ,alone we cant achieve it
So in synergy we gotta march with fierce speed towards the liberation of humankind
From the tortuous menacles of the unsustainable actions

Innovation is the calling card of the future,
As manifests in the massive tide of technological advancements
Presenting to the world of work a vast ocean of countless opportunities
Artificial intelligence , robotics and sensors –
Freeing workers from arduous labor , from dirt-
From drudgery , danger and deprivation
Prospects of increased productivity ushered in by automation
Projection of improved standards in all spheres thus a rise in desirable livelihoods

With us , for us -the transition comes as a joyous daybreak
Improving the social contract- social dialogue , social security and bargaining rights
Lifelong learning placed at the center stage of all innovations and changes
With high quality physical , digital and social infrastructures –
The warm threshold into the palace of sustainable development
With high quality transport systems enhancing labor and resource mobility
Improved ICT for improved operations within and amongst entities
The linear model of production replaced with a circular one

Folly it is though to harness blind faith in technology ,
As the mere solution to all the current eco-social problems
Projections of significant structural job losses are ushered in by automation
Potential deskilling and decline in worker satisfaction -a threat from robotics
Devastation of the basis of social security systems
Equality of opportunity and outcome -a nasty trend already in play
As heralded by the polarisation and inequality in the labor market
Even change for good has drawbacks-which should not hinge us from embracing it

Green is the new future we anticipate
Green is the new bright driving out the darkness
Fascinating green pays for itself -and we swim in shared and genuine prosperity
Renewable energy pollution free for health of the labor and the masses
Open your blog save a tree, wildlife and the whole ecological system
Make some cash advertise -everything greening
Zimbabwe , Africa , the world lets push for the greening of all sectors
Thus paving a highway towards sustainable development and decent jobs.