Martina Gruber

– Photography –

“Art is nothing without imagination. The role of the arts in a green economy can be significant when artists deal with the real issues
that mirror the corner pillars necessary for the transition into a sustainable, fair and equal future empowering marginalised groups”

Martina Gruber
Location: Harare
Artwork statement: “My work invites the viewer to look through a window into an imagination of a changing world of work. It promotes a new understanding of work in terms of a means to create space for creativity and self-fulfillment, where every human being can find work that is aligned with their own values, desires, dreams, hopes, and skills. Smart consumption replaces the current dominance of unsustainable consumer behavior. We care and claim responsibility for the limited resources. We have fair, healthy, and properly remunerated working conditions for ourselves and our fellow people.”


  • What was your experience with art as a child and growing up?

Art in the contemporary sense was not a big thing in my family. However, I discovered as a teenager, while my own interest in art and especially photography was growing, that two of my ancestors were quite well-known artists and painters. Their work is still hanging in permanent and private collections in Austria and internationally.

  • How did it evolve over time?

I became seriously interested in art during my boarding school days, when I was a teenager. I lived in Salzburg and was close to Munich, where I liked going to museums and galleries. My friends were creative, free spirits, which promoted a strong artistic group feeling. But I decided to study economics and languages, developing a strong interest in social and cultural anthropology. I never lost my passion for art and photography, though, and recently started on the path of becoming a full-time artist.

  • Who or what influences your art? How would you like your art to influence others?

My biggest inspiration comes from daily life: exchanges with people, spending time in nature, walking. Another big influence for me is natural light, preferably early mornings and the hours before sunset. Exchanges and collaborations with other artists, as well as visiting and seeing exhibitions, are further sources of inspiration. My work invites the audience to start a dialogue with the pictures, quietly exploring and experiencing an art of vision.

  • How do you define the following: Art? Sustainability? Zimbabwe?

Art: Any form of visual and acoustic expression
Sustainability: A conscious choice of lifestyle
Zimbabwe: My adopted home

  • What is the best way for a viewer/reader to experience your art?

Come with unlimited time, hang with the works, and discover and feel the magic of small and often unremarkable things and moments in them. 


  • What do you think sets you apart from other artists in Zimbabwe?

My Austrian heritage, fresh look at local scenes, and German accent

Artwork title: Our responsibility begins with the power to imagine