Tusichile Kasito

– Photography –

“Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.”

Tusichile Kasito
Location: Harare
Artwork statement: “For us to create a green economy, we need to take care of the green. Trees will always be there to witness the future, a future that will provide the economy everyone needs. I think that sometimes people forget that to breathe we need oxygen, which comes from the plants and trees around us. That’s why I planted a person as a tree. I hope people think about what nature goes through: Try spending a lifetime in one place, getting burnt down and having your limbs cut off, sheltering and bearing fruit for people who dump waste on your roots. I hope to create a love between nature and humans.”


  • What was your experience with art as a child and growing up?

I knew art was my destiny due to the attention, love, and persistence I had for it. 

  • How did it evolve over time?

I’m currently furthering my studies at the National Gallery School of Visual Arts and Design. I’ve also volunteered as a tour guide for exhibition openings and for visiting students.

  • Who or what influences your art? How would you like your art to influence others?

I admire nature and I wish all humans felt the same. Air, water, and land pollution has become the trend, especially in cities. We are so imperfect that we seem determined to ruin all the perfect existence around us. I usually create fashion through nature and find ways of turning pollution into beauty. My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look more carefully at the world around us and how our decisions affect us.

Artwork title: If you were a tree