Green entrepreneurship


Innovative green, growth-oriented small- and medium-sized enterprises, owned by young women and men, will gain access to financial and non-financial business development services.

  • 75 growth-oriented small- and medium-sized enterprises will expand with the support of green business development services
  • 1,000 green jobs will be created, and half of them will be filled by women
  • 500 small- and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs will gain access to green business development services


Following decades of economic recession, Zimbabwe has shifted from waged employment to informal economic activities.

Small- and medium-sized enterprises face a weakened business environment, and often lack access to financial and business development services.


This project aims to identify and support green, growth-oriented enterprises through annual business competitions.

Winners and runners-up will receive financial and technical support to develop their businesses and create better, greener jobs. Business development services providers and financial institutions will partner with local businesses, making the case for the country to go green.


The Green enterPRIZE Innovation Challenge will identify 75 growth-oriented small- and medium-sized enterprises from emerging and established enterprises each year.

The winners will gain access to financial and technical services, while 500 runners-up will benefit from training and capacity-building services. A network of business development services providers will provide training, coaching, and post-challenge technical support to both winners and runners-up.